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Release build -- 1.10.4 (stable), 32-bit (x86) version

This is the current release of VirtualDub for end users, containing the executable and supporting files. Unzip the contents into a new folder and run VirtualDub.exe. (Do not run it directly from the zip file!)

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server, or newer; 80486 or higher CPU; 16MB of memory. This version will run on both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) versions of Windows. Sorry, but there is no native version for Mac OS X or Linux.

Antivirus software issue: Some versions of McAfee Antivirus have a bug where they report a Dialer-182 spyware infection after running VirtualDub 1.8.x. This is a false alarm caused by an exceptionally poor Registry key matching pattern in McAfee (anything in Software\Freeware) which misdetects VirtualDub's stored settings as from a dialer. VirtualDub does not have any malicious code or any dialer logic. Unfortunately, I cannot force McAfee to fix their software. If you are having problems with this, you may need to use 1.9.1+, which has the settings Registry key changed to work around this problem.

Download V1.10.4 (x86 / 32-bit) release build (

Release build -- 1.10.4 (stable), 64-bit (x64) version

This version is compiled specifically for CPUs that support AMD64/x64 long mode, including AMD Athlon 64, AMD Athlon X2, AMD Opteron, Intel Xeon CPUs with EM64-T, and Intel Core i7 CPUs. You must have the x64 Extended (64-bit) version of Windows to run the 64-bit version of VirtualDub. You cannot run this version on a 32-bit version of Windows even if your CPU is 64-bit capable.

It is recommended that you use the 32-bit version unless you have a specific need for 64-bit execution, as the 64-bit version cannot use 32-bit codecs or plugins.

Download V1.10.4 (x64 / 64-bit) release build (

Source code -- 1.10.4 (stable)

You'll want this file to look at the innards of VirtualDub and to recompile the program. All custom tools necessary to build the release executable and help file are included (verinc, mapconv, disasm, and Lina), but you will need the Microsoft Platform SDK and DirectX SDKs, as well as the yasm assembler. You need Visual Studio 2005 Professional to build VirtualDub.

Note: The source code archive is an compressed using the 7-zip compressor.

Download V1.10.4 source code (VirtualDub-1.10.4-src.7z)

Past versions

Are you still running Windows 95? The 1.7.x and subsequent releases require Windows 98, unfortunately. You can still download a 1.6.x release; the last version which will run under Windows 95 is 1.6.19.

To download past releases or to read the change log, go to VirtualDub's file list page on SourceForge.